What are you called for to do?

Finding out your life’s purpose, your calling, is a hard thing to do.


Sometimes we do not even know what we really want to do in life. What kind of job we want or what course to take in college. Heck, we can’t even decide what kind of food we want to order at times. How much more difficult is it to learn about your vocation?


I won’t be able to tell you what your true calling is. It can be anything from being a priest or a teacher, a medical professional, a lawyer or a mother. Whatever it is, you probably have at least a bit of an idea what it is or you would not be reading this. You probably have an idea about it but you are not sure. You are confused and you don’t really know what to do.


First, whatever you are called for, pray for guidance. Ask Jesus to really tell you what you are called for and pray that whatever it is, you are ready to come and answer the call.


Also, know that there may be a different calls for you at each season of your life. I know I was called to teach but because I had a child and I did not have a caregiver at that time, I resigned so I can take care of my daughter. I believe that being a mom is another kind of calling – to raise her on the path of holiness.


Another thing to know is that since we are all called in different ways, we should avoid comparing ourselves with others. We are all called to do different things so maybe a friend of yours is a missionary while another acquaintance is a catechist. You, on the other hand, are just active in the parish. Do not feel bad, remember, God does not look at how grand your actions are. Instead He looks into how much love you put into it.


Last and most importantly, remember that we are all called to love. If you are not sure of your calling or you are not ready to jump right into it or maybe you really do not know yet. Know this, all of us has a purpose and that is to love God and love our neighbors. When we love God and others, even by the simplest, tiniest way every day, we slowly make our way to heaven.


Doing even the smallest things out of love for God is a sure way to keep us on the right path. It is what St. Therese of Lisieux believed in and lived with during her time. Yes, she was a nun but she wanted to be a missionary and to do more things for God but because of her circumstances she found a way to serve and praise God doing her own little ways every day.


In whatever season in life you are at, if you want to follow Jesus, start by offering a prayer and doing the most mundane things you do every day with love.


Photo credit to Evan Kirby from Unsplash.com



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