When No One’s Watching

I was reading the Daily Bread this morning and as usual I am a few pages late. I forgot to read on some of the days so I decided to play catch up and the one about the “Ring of Invisibility” caught my attention. It asks what will I do if I can be invisible.

I have not really thought about it since I always thought that if I were given a superpower I’d like telepathy but I never considered becoming invisible.

Come to think of it, being invisible can be handy. Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak seem cool for wizards, right? How much more for a mere muggle. I was a bit surprised though when I googled Harry’ cloak and found some memes about how he did not use it to do naughty things. I guess I never saw any of the characters doing such things since they were always on guard for any suspicious Voldermort related activity.

So, if I were Harry what would I do with the cloak?

Sneak out maybe if I was still young and single.

How about you?

There are things we do privately that we do not want others to know – they are not always necessarily bad but maybe we are just too ashamed to let others find out.

I remember, in one of my sociology classes, we talked about a kind of psychological thing we experience when we think no one is looking. We become bolder in doing things we would not normally do if someone is watching. Maybe, there is a bigger chance we do something we know is prohibited when we know we are not exposed to others.

Growing up in a Catholic family, I was always reminded that God can see me all the time. Heck, even Santa’s watching if I was good or bad the whole year. But what if they were not watching? Would I still do good things or is doing good already a habit? Is doing good as a habit still a good deed?

I think it does not really matter too much if you are doing good out of habit or out of choice as long as you did choose the right thing to do. As Albus Dumbledore said, “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

At the same time, I believe that God is not watching us to judge us or to condemn us. During times when we are challenged to choose, He is waiting for us to look for Him so we can see the light, the right way. He will continue to point us to the right direction as long as we ask and as long as we continue to want to walk His path.

With or without the power of being invisible, what would you choose to do?


Image by Руслан Гамзалиев from Unsplash.com

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