Bring back that awesome

The bible says, God made us awesome.

Sadly, there are times we believe otherwise.

Sometimes we feel like we have done too many bad things that we are not anymore worthy.

We are all sinners and we all make mistakes. Me too. Especially me too.

We forget that God is merciful. We can always go back to him and ask for forgiveness through confession.

Confession, though, is not my favorite sacrament. I tend to gloss over what I did and not go into details. I fear I will be judge by the priest or be told to do alot of penance. Lately, maybe because it is lent, I keep on reading about confession and how wonderful it is for the soul. Maybe, if I get to know the schedule of a confession, I will (although I might look for a different church far from my place, I know… I do not need to do that but just maybe). But seriously, I think I should make sure I go this time.

I am no theologian or anything but I’m just sharing what I read and what I know from experience. Also, I am subscribed to Praymorenovenas‘ Lenten Retreat. I tried their Christmas retreat and it was great so I subscribed for this season too and so far I like the content.

Anyway, I heard once when I was younger that going to confession is like repairing a bridge. Once you repaired it, the grace of God will flow to your life again. I’m not sure if it really stops flowing if you do not go to confession – maybe it doesn’t but maybe it flows even more once you do confession. One thing is for sure, confession gives us God’s forgiveness and brings us peace.

This lent, we are all invited to take the opportunity to open our hearts to God in confession. Let us forget our pride, our shame and remember that God know us more than we know ourselves. Yes, there is nothing we can hide from him but he waits for us to be ready to confront our mistakes and our sins, to abandon them, to forgive ourselves and to let go. Only then will He able to fill our hearts with His love until it overflows. In His time, in His own ways and for His glory, He will change our brokenness into a beautiful blessing.

Let’s bring back that awesomeness and change the world!


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