Running in circles
I found myself
Going around the same spot
For months even years
Round and round never out of loop

It’s tiring, frustrating
A dizzying spiral
I was going up
Yet I am at the bottom again
And again and again

I dream of the same dream
I wonder of the same questions
The world spins
But I never reached anywhere
It seems.

I want it to stop
I want to breathe
I scream for a break
Then I knew
I’m not moving
Merely watching as the rest of the world moves.

Am I chained
By dreams that are futile?
Am I going backwards
By unforgiven past?
Am I stuck
By worries of future?

Til then, I shall run around
And around
And around
In a loop
In circles
Never ending


Image by  Martin Reicsh from

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