Making mistakes and our desire to be a hero


We all make them. When we were children, we only need erasers and do it again. Or sometimes we put an X over the mistake and it is understood.

Back then, it is easy to just say sorry to someone and then your back to being friends again.

As adults, our world seem more complicated. Erasures are sometimes frowned upon and seen as a point against your competence. Saying sorry is not that easy and getting back together is an all together different thing.

Mistakes may even be blown out of proportion when posted in social media.

The thing is, making a mistake is not the easiest thing to admit. I am certainly one of those people who gets defensive when people points out a mistake I made. I don’t mind small mistakes but there are just some mistakes that feel too embarrassing to admit.

When we look at ourselves and our mistakes it seems easy to deny it, shrug it off and say it is just that, an error. Sometimes we even blame someone or something else – the traffic, the weather or a bad internet connection.

In short, we really do not like to be wrong. But why do we want to look so perfect all the time? Isn’t it tiring to always be right?

May be it started with us believing that “good people” should not or do not make mistakes. In fairy tales told to us when we were younger, the hero seldom makes a mistakes and if he/she does it is a small one or a blessing in disguise. The villains in the story on the other hand are mean and will do anything to win, even if it is wrong. But real life is not like that. All of us are heroes, all of us are presented choices and all,of us can make the wrong choice.

I think the most effective villains are those who end up becoming one because of a mistake in their life that they did not right and it piled up from there. They are kore believable and at the same time more tragic.

They to me are pitiful because they could have had their lives written differently if only they corrected their first error. But may be they were just like any of us who thought that it was just one small error.

In our everyday lives we can be painted by other people we encounter as a hero or a villain by the choices we make and also by how we react about it.

Maybe it is pride that keeps us from admitting and correcting mistakes. Or may be it can be something else…still the main thing, I think, is to be able to right the mistake. This can only happen after recognizing that we did make one. And maybe only by correcting our mistakes will we be able to improve the kind of life we have now. It will surely have an effect with our relationships and with how we see the world.

Also, it is comforting to know that despite my many mistakes I have a God who loves me regardless. It is nice to know that I will not be abandoned, and that someone still sees and believes the good in me despite of how many embarrassing deeds I may have done.

Last time I said we are like stars shining light to other people. I think though, that I am more like the moon, I can only give light when I am with the presence of the sun (God). I am nothing without the sun and I still feel materialistic when the sun is eclipsed.

I will still make mistakes, I don’t think anyone is that perfect to not make any. I may still be defensive from time to time but I guess I will be more conscious in how I react. I should be thankful to the person who can be brave enough to point and like a little kid, I should endeavor to not do the same again.



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