Words we speak

“Do not say bad words,” I often heard adults say this when I was growing up. As an adult, I used the phrase myself on several occasions.

For children, we call curses and vulgar words as bad words. Attaching the word “bad” instantly gives them the idea that those words are, well, bad and not for them to use.

As a former teacher, I often advice parents to be careful of the words they speak when they are around their kids. This is one effective way of preventing them from learning harsh and/ or vulgar words.

Now that I am a mom, I realize it is hard to control your mouth especially when you are feeling a strong emotion or you just forgot about it. I once heard my child say a word that although it is common for adults to use jokingly, it sounded weird for a child to utter.

Of course, after that, I started to be more conscious and careful with my expressions.

I do not really often use vulgar words or “bad words” as a habit but from time to time I do use words-adjectives- that may not be the best way to describe anyone. I guess humans are guilty of using superlatives to attract attention to what you are saying. Sometimes we also tend to make hasty generalizations about someone and talk about your (wrong) opinion of them to someone else.

We are warned about our tongues as we can use it to cause a fire. The words we say, be it vulgar, harsh, abusive or just plain lies, can hurt people’s feelings, ruin reputations, and damage people. Not just other people but the person speaking as well.

We are asked to be prudent when speaking (and writing). Let us pray for the grace to use words that encourage and empower others. Let us refrain from using words that spread untruthfulness,  misunderstandings and hate.



Image by Ben White from unsplash.com

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