On Ambition and Purpose


I think we all have them. Each of us have our own different vision of what a successful life will look like.

We aim for different things maybe a house and a car, a family, a good position in the company, own business or all of the above.

I do not think it is bad to have goals and ambitions but sometimes it can get tiring.

From the first time you ever made a goal for yourself you keep on wanting to reach it. Sometimes to the point that it gets so frustrating especially when you can’t seem to get there. At the same time, you don’t know when to give up.

There are other cases when you reached your goal but after getting there it doesn’t feel like how you imagined it. What do you then?

I guess this happens when we set goals that are not really aligned to who we are and what we are called to do. Maybe we followed someone else’s dream.

A deeper and regular self reflection would probably lead us to a better life goal. Deeper so we know who we really are and regular since different things may happen that can affect us.

Also, maybe we should make room for goals that are not materialistic. Sometimes we are called to do things that would not really give us any financial gain. Unfortunately, if you grew up in a house where those kinds of dreams are unheard of then those dreams and goals may not even enter your mind.

So like most fairy tale advice, listen to your heart. Be willing to accept what it also yearns and try to marry what your brain and your heart wants.

Why is this important? Because it can be the very thing that will make you happy. It could be the one goal that will give you a sense of purpose. Things will not be easier but it may feel the right thing to do.

Besides, doing something significant for others makes people remember us long after we are gone – not your educational level, salary grade or number of property.

Set your ambitions where your heart leads you. Make your life significant and live a life with purpose.



Photo by Andy Beales from Unsplash.com

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