In Search of Inspiration

Writer’s block.

I want to think I have one just to call myself a writer.

Of course, it was not a writer’s block. It’s more of having nothing to say. It worried me a bit because I want to keep on posting as I promised to do. So I kept on searching for things that may inspire me and although I did find some things, I just did not know what to write about it.

It’s just not the one.

So, I decided to go out and I silently asked God to tell me what to write about today. I can’t just post a blank space, right?

While walking, it hit me. There is nothing to write.

For now, what I need to do is observe and wonder at the beauty of everything that God has created for all of us to enjoy. So that we can praise Him for all of the beautiful things that He purposefully made.

I forget to do this. I would usually go on about my daily routine and have more prayer requests in a day than a thank you for all the things He blesses me with every single day. If I was Him, I would be offended with myself.

I should try harder to say more thank yous and give more praise within the day and reserve prayer requests to a minimum.

Sometimes, we keep on looking for things to inspire us, to make us happy, to complete us. We crave to feel connected and loved. We keep on searching when all we need is right in front of us. He gave us everything we will ever need, if only we know where to look. If only we can appreciate things better.

Life can be more simple and satisfying if we only allow God to fill us. Happiness starts with Him.


Image by Kosal Ley from

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