It seems that so far I have listed all my flaws here.

If I were the same person weeks ago I would probably not do this anymore.

I would probably hide.

I would never have started this in the first place.

But God is truly amazing. He made sure I know this is what He wanted. That I should just go do it, as Mother Teresa was once quoted

“God did not ask us to succeed, He merely asks that we try.”

He reminded me that this is, after all,not about me per se but about Him. He wanted me to testify.

In the process, I knew more about myself, about what  I have become.

This whole time He slowly healed me.

And now, when I feel caving into negative thoughts again (thanks, hormones), He gently reminds me through today’s bible reading, Isiah 43:4

“…You are precious and honored in my sight…I love you”

Like a parent, God knows us. He knows us in our best and worst. Still, God loves us unconditionally. Inspite of our faults. Despite our failures.


image by Liane Metzler from Unsplash.com

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