Just another face in the crowd

What if Jesus is every person you meet in disguise?

Would you be more willing to help complete strangers?

Would you be nicer to your colleague?

Would you stop talking to your neighbor about your other neighbor?

Would you be more loving to your family?

I honestly would not know what to do if I see Jesus’ face in every person I see. Or even to think that he is everyone and anyone in disguise. I suddenly wanted to review today, was I mean to anyone? Did I do something that helped anyone or did I just spend my day like most days not really minding other people.

If Jesus is counting how many times we had a positive encounter on the street or the hallway, I might fail.

Neither was I always mean nor was I always helpful. I realized that I tend to ignore some people who needs help.

Why? Some do not recommend helping street beggars because it teaches them to keep on begging on streets and some of them are used by syndicate groups. I don’t know how truthful that is but it became a convenient reason for me not to feel guilty when I see them. I still feel guilty from time to time so I choose to ignore them.

I also learned that if I keep helping colleagues, they take advantage of me so I slowly stopped helping.

These are convenient reasons to stop helping but there is still the guilt feelings. What if they really needed help and I am the only one who can help them at that time and place? What if something really bad happens if I do not step in?

Sometimes my conscience win, but very rarely. I found that if you keep on ignoring calls for help, it seems to be easier to pretend you did not hear or see anything the next time.

So, I do not want to do that anymore because it feels better to help than ignore people. Besides, I have received so much help from others that I feel the only way to return them that favor is for me to help others as well.

Also, Jesus did say, whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.

Mother Teresa believed that Jesus is in every one of us. Maybe this helped her become that patient and charitable all those years even if God stopped talking to her.

Mother Teresa followed a call within a call when she did all those radical works of love. Yet, she does not talk about completely abandoning everything to do charity work somewhere in Africa (unless it is what you are called to do).

She simply reminds people that any action done with love is all that God asks of us.

It can be done by serving a community, volunteering in Church or helping out in an orphanage. Or it may be as simple as smiling more often or going home to your family and giving them as much love and attention as you can ever give.

Remember, put as much love as you can in every opportunity and/or encounter you have. Who knows, it might be Jesus in disguise who is needing your help right now.

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