not your ordinary tree

I liked aspen trees before mainly because they are such romantic looking trees in autumn.

While reading a daily reflection guide, I learned an amazing thing about aspen trees that made me like it even more.

An aspen tree comes from a single seed – just like most plants and trees I know. But, deep down under the soil, it grows numerous roots spreading across a wide area around the tree.

Now, this can make any tree really strong. Deeply rooted trees do not just fall, they are resilient and sturdy. Most big trees are like this, right?

An aspen tree can die after a fire or a terrible flooding. But, this is the most amazing thing, the life of that first seed planted a long time ago is not over yet. The same root system can create a new clone of the original tree, they just lie underground waiting for a space and the right conditions to grow.

Destruction of things on ground gives way to a new set of trees, as if the root never tires to grow and do it all over again. This tree does not know how to give up, it just keeps on coming back again, as beautiful as the first before it.

I still think aspen trees are romantic, not only because of their falling yellow leaves but also now because I think it is pretty amazing. What tree will continue to give life to itself and all other living things depending on it?

I hope I can be like an aspen tree, growing my faith stronger every day. Making it run deep through all my consciousness and visible in my actions and words. So that no matter what shakes my faith, I will not waver.

I hope to have faith strong enough to survive any time of desolation. Strong enough to still stand, raise my hand up to the only one worthy of praise and worship.


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