The Persuit of Holiness

Like our physical selves, our spiritual selves should also grow from childhood to adolescent and finally to maturity.

Different saints talk about these steps, one of them, St. Therese of Avila, vividly descibed each step. One of which, she likens to us being followed by vile creatures to symbolize the sins that tempt us away from our goal.

Aside from being really scared of those creatures, maturing in faith is not only a good thing but it is also necessary. It is our ultimate goal, to be united with God so we can enjoy the happiness He had always planned for us.
The Pursuit of Holiness

All of these stages of growth can be more clearly discussed by Matthew Leonard, one of the speakers in the Lenten Retreat I am subscribed to.

You may look for Matthew Leonard here or subscribe here to hear more of him and other speakers. (I am not at all connected to them.)

There are alot of things we can do to mature like go to mass often, have a confession regularly, pray sincerely and be charitable. Above all these, we have to remember to give everything to God.

Abandon ourselves completely and trust Him.

Let go. Let God.

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