Love lock

After 10 years she came back.

She was back to the place where she promised him that she will love him forever. Unfortunately it did not end up that way.

She still remembers the last time she was here. She meant to talk to him but he seemed unreachable. She was in tears, begging him for an explanation.

But nothing came.

He was just there.

She blamed him for everything that day and that was the last time she saw him.

Now, she took tentative steps, it has been a long time after all. She looked around and saw there are quite more people here now than before.

Will he still be here?

She scolded herself quietly. It has been 10 years. Surely it wouldn’t be the same.

But he is there.

It felt like she forgot how to walk for a moment. All she felt was a tremble.

Her heart felt like it was in her mouth as tears spilled. She was on her knees.

There he was.

His hands and feet locked by nails pierced deeply.

At that moment, she was filled with emotion, knowing that after all these years, she may have forgotten him but he was always the same to her.

He loved her before.

He loves her now.

He loves her everyday despite of everything.

His love endures and it will last forever.



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