what good is temptation?

When you are being tempted, ask, “what about myself is being revealed to me?”

Temptations, struggles and hardships are not just there to make our lives difficult but it can be an instrument to make us know ourselves. What are we capable of? What are our values?

How others know about us may be superficial, a front. A mask perfectly worn. Similar to removing makeup, temptations can reveal to others and to you who you really are. Are you the same person wearing the mask or are you wearing a mask to hide something?

Temptations can teach us to be humble knowing that we have weaknesses. Weaknesses are not an excuse to do wrong but a reason to stay strong and call on God.

Lastly, it is during this time that we can become closer to God for no person can successfully win against temptation without His help.



Image by Nicole Mason from Unsplash.com

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