gifts of reconciliation

Today is Good Friday.

Where I grew up, children were not allowed to play or make happy sounds. Although thankfully, that is not how things are anymore.

I know how important today is for Catholics but at the same time it is hard to expect or demand young kids not to laugh. Besides, not everyone in our neighborhood is Catholic now.

So, although I do follow most of what we traditionally do on a Good Friday, I think this was one very happy and fruitful Good Friday I have ever had.

It is because of the sacrament of reconciliation which I was able to get today, finally.

After talking to the priest, I was happy to hear that although he does not know all of God’s plan for me (or for anyone), he feels like I do have a mission. He prays that I will go all the way and not let go when it gets hard (yikes).

I think, I received three gifts to ponder  and reflect on today. My takeaways for the day:

Start where you are

I had this reflection before and it’s nice to have someone remind me to begin where I am already. He said that maybe there is a reason I am allowed to stay at home with my family. Maybe it is to bring them closer to God.

I am blessed to have a chance to be a stay-at-home mom. I get big and small projects from time to time to do at home so on the whole I got to spend most of my child’s early years with her.

It is not all rosy, there were times when as freelancers, my husband and I won’t get any gigs. Our jobs come and go so often last year that whatever money we had saved for the years before that were gone.

The only one that was constant for me was God. Somehow I knew He wouldn’t abandon me and my family. I may daoubt the success of our plans as husband and wife but I always knew we’d be ok somehow because I have a very loving God.

Because He is my Father, my rock and my provider, I want to make sure my daughter knows of Him as well. This is one mission I do not want to fail at.


Save at least one soul

I had this grand plan of helping alot of people. I was only a child then when I promised to do that. I think I was too naive to believe that when I am older I can do it. Of course as I grow older, I learned about money and how it is important to fund projects as grand as what I promised to do when I was a kid.

Maybe I can do it.

Maybe I am just scared to try now.

Or maybe the Priest was right, start where I am because there might be someone I need to help. He said one soul saved is better than trying to save everyone and saving none.

Yes, there is actually someone close to me who I need to bring back to God.

No, scratch that.

There is someone I love who God wants to gain back and God wants to use me for this purpose.

Maybe God wants me to focus on this person first before I go out teaching others again.


How do I show gratitude for answered prayer?

I never thought of this question before.

I guess after praying for something and getting it we just say thank you and that’s usually it. I mean, I have lots of small answered prayers and some big ones. I do say thank you for all of those answered prayers but as I said, that’s it.

The priest makes sense, what have I done with my answered prayer so far?

If someone gave you a gift you asked for, you cherish that gift and take care of it because you like it, right? Unfortunately for me, I received the gift, said thank you and then took it for granted.

If I were the one who gave it, I would not grant any other wish next time.

So now, I am thinking of ways to show my gratitude to God by treating all my answered prayers well. I am not going to do this to get another wish but because God has showered me with so much blessing and I know I am not worthy. The only thing I can ever do in return for all of it, is to be thankful in my thoughts, words and actions.

I will try my best to cherish and take care of my answered prayers as long as we all live.

Oh, and the biggest gift of all today is God’s great love for me (and all of us). Today I am forgiven and I feel light and free.

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