a meaningful easter

Jesus is alive again! He won and we are saved.

Like the sun rising from the darkness, I feel like I am also slowly waking up. I see the light of Jesus slowly, gently, surely shining on me as it ever was but it is only now that I truly see.

This past 40 days has been very meaningful to me. I learned a lot about mysef, strengthened my faith a little more and feel a closer relationship with God.

I am grateful to praymorenovenas.com for the free lenten retreat. I am thankful that I was inpired to write about my reflections. I am also thankful to all those who gave likes and comments and for those following this blog. I did not start this for those things but it helps to know that there are more people who write and care about the same stuff.

I pray that I (and all of us) would continue to grow in faith tomorrow and the next day and all the days after that. Our Lord endured so much for us and I do not want it wasted again this year. I do not want to revert back to how I was before today. It is going to be difficult but hopefully, with prayers and God’s grace, I can overcome my past and become a better person.

So the next question is, what now?

There were two things from the mass that stuck with me today.

Bear witness

Be sincere

I guess they go hand in hand, the best way to show others of your faith in God is by being sincere in following His words.

Happy easter!

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