Like a child

There was a point in my life when I missed home a lot.

I worked overseas and was far from my family and friends. It was a difficult time but I got through because I had Jesus.

Prayers were my weapon during times when feelings of loneliness seem to want to engulf me. I pray in my bedroom at night. I pray first thing in the morning. I pray during weekends everytime I was alone. I talk to Him while I walk the streets to shop for groceries. I talk to Him when I eat out or watch a movie alone. I talk to Him too many times a day that it feels like it I had company.

I think it was the most time I prayed to Him in my lifetime. (I do not do as much now, maybe I should.)

I will always remember those days with a smile. I was able to meet good friends, learn a different culture and language, eat delicious food that I learned to like to eat until now. I learned alot about myself too.

People say I was very brave to do that at a young age. I did not think I was. I actually think I was a cry baby, only Jesus was very patient with me and He never ever make me feel that I am alone.

I think this is one of His greatest gifts to me. I knew Him since I was a child and it kind of feels like we are really good friends. I know Him, I believe in Him and I trust and love Him like a child trusts and loves their parents. I hold on to Jesus this way, and I know He will never abandon me (or you).

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