My Secret Garden

Where is your favorite place to pray?

When I was younger, I loved this little garden hidden in one of the secrets doors in my old school.

I was enrolled in this little new Catholic school when I was 9 years old. I stayed there only for a year but one of the best things I remember about it is the secret garden.

I am not sure students were invited inside because there were no signs out the door or any invitation from the teachers. But I think anyone who stumbles upon it is allowed to come in.

I was attracted to it because although the wall was high and the door was plain, it was ajar. If you peak a little you’d see yellow bells all around and hear birds chirping and soft music playing. The first time I saw it, I was enchanted. It felt like a different world.

Our school then was a little barren because the buildings were just constructed so most trees are cut and plants did not have much growth yet. Yet, on the other side of the wall, it was a garden full of fresh green leaves, yellow flowers and birds. In the middle of it all is a small adoration chapel.

Going inside felt like a dream to me. How different can two places standing on the same address be? The campus looked dry and it’s abuzz with the sounds of students and teachers while on the other side of the wall was peaceful.

This place was my first favorite place to pray. It just feels like I am separate from all concerns and I am just focused on all the beautiful things God made. It made me feel wonder at His power to create all things and at the same time feel awe for His gentleness and love in creating such tiny and beautiful creatures.

I only did stay in that school for a year, but I learned to look for places like that. Places separate from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Places where I can focus on prayer and feel God’s presence more.

I pray as much as I can even if I am not in those places since anyway God is always present. But I found that when I am super stressed, it helps to visit places like an adoration chapel or a park.

How about you, where is your favorite place to pray?

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