Wanted: Christ representatives

Are you a follower of Jesus?

If you are, how do you make yourself known to others?

Where I come from, people are mainly Catholic. Still, not everyone is comfortable to bring out a bible or talk about the blessings they received from God. All these talks are reserved for the church on prayer meetings or bible studies – if you attend any.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that talking about such things are not allowed in everyday life. This may stem out from a want of inclusivity in communities and the workplace, yet it is sad that to be inclusive to everyone, religion became excluded in daily conversations.

I applaud those who are open about their religious and spiritual beliefs, whether or not they jive with mine. It took me a long time to have the courage to share mine.

Yet, I am personally not satisfied with myself because people who know me outside this blog would never label me as one of the bible freaks or the weird religious sect. Why? This is not the same persona they know of me.

Sometimes it is easier to talk about the things you care about online where you can be a bit anonymous and labels will be just digital. The virtual and physical distance may shield you from physical confrontation as well.

But why do I need separate my online and offline selves when I know that my spiritual life is the most important thing for me – on and off line?

As a friend and follower of Jesus we are called to spread the word and act like Jesus. Only when we burn with so much love for Jesus can He really shine through us. He is only palpable in our lives,  and in our encounter with others when we ourselves are not lukewarm in faith.

I want others to know me as a Christian not by wearing a rosary or flagging the bible all the time but by actions and words filled with the love of Jesus for everyone.

How about you, how do you make yourself known?

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