Mary’s child

This is cliche but I do believe that being a parent can really be a tough job.

Luckily, I am still sane. Again, I used my ever dependable weapon – prayer.

Backtrack 3 years ago….

I quit my job to be with our first child. I wanted to be the one to take care of her,


teach her and just be with her. I did not want to miss those firsts anymore.

But of course, quiting my job means we had to tighten our belts a little hence we cannot keep the nanny anymore. So, childcare and house work fell on my shoulders.

I did not mind at first because babies are just so adorable, right? Mine happens to like sleeping early in the evening and will not wake up until early morning. Being the night owl that I am, it was perfect.

But toddlerhood came and although she was not really that terrible, adults do tire easily. I also started missing the perks of going to work and going to the mall or a coffee shop after work. In short, I found myself unhappy and easily frustrated.

IMG_5042.JPGI told myself that I did not want my child to grow up in a toxic environment with stressed and frustrated adults. Yet it was so hard to always remember to be patient when you are just plain tired.

So, I turned to prayer.

This was one of those times I really appreciated Mama Mary. I mean aside from being so obedient to God and saying yes without hesitation it must be very hard to raise a child with Jesus’ stature. What kind of pressure would she have had knowing she is raising the Son of God?

I felt pressured raising my own kid, what more for her?

I did not want my child to be rude and disobedient. I did not want her to be lazy and stubborn. Yet I know I can only teach her as much as my values go – I am not always the perfect example.

So at that moment, I had a little chat with Mama Mary. I asked her to help me raise my child well so that she will grow up pleasing to God.

Of course, I still make mistakes every now and then until now but I do feel at ease knowing that aside from me and all our relatives, Mama Mary is also looking after my child.

Moving back to today… I honestly forget about that day from time to time, but today I was reminded of it by my child.

I was having abdominal pain for several hours already and as usual she was worried for me. This time though she did not cry, instead, she handed me the two rosaries I left last night at the altar. She said we should pray for my tummy ache to go away (awww…).Praying the rosary

I have not taught her how to use the rosary since she is still young so we prayed just a decade. I held my rosary just like anyone will but she held on to the cross the whole time clutching it to her heart.

I wanted to cry seeing her like that but I held it in because she might think I am in so much pain.

I am so proud of her and very thankful to Mama Mary.

Oh, and the pain did go away after a few minutes. I am not sure if it was because of the hot soup or because of her sincere prayer. Maybe both.

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