These days, watching news makes me shake my head.

People just seem too angry to feel that anyone who did them wrong deserve another chance in life.

In a crowded place, people tend to avoid each other. Not even giving a second look to people in need.

We have become cold. We placed too many walls and defenses that left us lonely.

This should not be the case, we are very sociable beings. Everyday, we all crave to have someone to talk to, to touch, to bond, to love. Someone to simply connect with.

This need is our weakness as it makes us vulnerable. It makes us dependent towards other people. It may cause us hurt.

Understandably, our fear of being abused can sometimes become too great that we recoil from reaching out to others who might need a word of encouragement, smile of acknowledgement, a helping hand.

Yet, our need to connect with others is also our strength. Our gift.

We have the capacity to understand each other, to feel, to love.

Yes, allowing ourselves this can cause us pain but it also makes us feel needed, give us a sense of purpose, make us feel alive.

No matter how hurt you might once felt, it is still better than feeling empty.

Choose to love.

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