Three Wishes

When I was younger I believed I was favored.

I was the least favorite at home but I did not mind because I felt that God is with me.

He blessed me everyday with three little wishes that made my day easier. Yes, three wishes. It was not anything grand, I was young then and I did not know of any material need like wealth or other luxuries. My prayers were more like a bus right on time for when I am running late or for the rain to wait for me to go home before it pours.

I believed these wishes came true everyday.

I believed I had only three of them each day.

Maybe it was not really wishes granted, may be it’s just a coincidence.

Whatever it was, I continued praying for three little things everyday.

But as I grow older, innocence fade. Greed came and made me pray for more. I know it wouldn’t work – as if there was a rule. Like anything magical in fairytales, you cannot wish for something that may cause harm to others. Also, you cannot wish for the lottery and stuff like that – it is still a prayer not a magic lamp.

It came to a point when I felt like I had to prioritize my “wishes” because now there are more than three things that I want for the day.

Thankfully, I realized that prayers are not just wishes. Yes, you can pray for help for that very instance you are in danger of something but God is not genie.

A genie is a slave of the lamp, existing only for the wishes of its masters.

God is the master, showering His grace to those who need it.

Prayers are more than wishes. Prayers are powerful instruments to bring intercession, forgiveness, and healing.

A prayer is a means to communicate to God, to talk to Him and know Him better.

I still ask for three wishes everyday but this time I make a (very) conscious effort to use it to pray for others.

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