how to win a skeptic

Some people are just very sceptical. Some are too logical. Neither is wrong as these can be good qualities in different fields.

However, when you deal with these kinds of people who are curious about your religion it can sometimes be difficult to explain things. Because there are things in a religion that is not totally logical for them.

For most of them I know, the amazing things is, that although they do not have the same religion, they do feel that there is a supreme being. They just do not agree on some of the traditions and obligations in a religion.

It got me to think, are these people here to just challenge my faith? Are they here so I can convert them into my religion? Or are there here to drive home a point?

The point is that I should accept them as they are.

I am always pro inclusion in the classroom and in life in general. I accept differences in abilities, skills, race and religion. But what about those without religion but believes in a God?

I guess they do not have to be labeled anything – they are just people like everyone else. I should accept it as it is. Like children with additional needs, they do not really need a label, they are just kids. You still need to treat them like you would any other kid in your classroom.

These people who question my religion are also people who like me have very storng beliefs. They have their own truths. They are not asking me to believe them or to leave my religion. They are not challenging me. They are simply curious as to why a logical person like them is still in that religion.

The best way to answer them is probably not through a lengthy argument but by a simple answer and by Christ-like actions so clear that they will know my faith is more than just a religion.

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