Father’s love

My daughter asked to stay with my in-laws. She loves being with them. I am also sure that her grandparents adore and love her very much.

When I came back for her after an hour I found out that she has been crying. One of her favorite playmates, a girl twice my daughter’s age, refused to play with her because she had plans with other older kids.

As soon as my daughter saw me she cried again while telling the whole story. My mother-in-law was quick to fill the gaps between my daughter’s sob.

After finally making my child stop crying and putting her to sleep I remembered my mother-in-law saying something about my father-in-law feeling really bad for my daughter.

I suddenly thought maybe that’s how all fathers are including God. There are, after all, several bible passages talking about how God helps those who cry to him.

Time and again He reminds us of how much He loves us. It must break His heart everytime He sees us cry and hear our pleas. But He must really love us so much to know not to spoil us in our every whim, to let us wait until we are ready and to prepare us for something better.

My anxieties are definitely soothe everytime I am reminded that I am His child.

Whatever our worries and pains are, lift it up to our Father who loves us so much.

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