mission for mommies

I always wonder if I am someone who can be the “good soil” where seeds can multiply.

The parable of Jesus about seeds falling on a hard path, rocky ground, clumps of thorn and good soil always made me uneasy. What if I was either of the first three? And if I was, what should I do to become a good soil?

It is interesting that this is the reading today when we are celebrating mother’s day. I think as a mother (any parent or guardian) we are all given an opportunity to be a “good soil” to our children.

It is our duty to plant and nurture in them the seeds of kindness, and generosity, a love for others and most of all, a love of God.

It is not easy. Sometimes it is just too tempting to let them be and just hope for the best. Other times, it feels like every fight and struggle our children go through is our own. So we fight it for them forgetting to let them learn from such experiences.

It is a fine line and an exhausting one. It sometimes help to remember that while our children and growing up and learning, we are too. There is not a parenting course or a quick how to on everything. But I do believe that our love for them is usually enough to guide on us on what to do.

That, and a couple of prayers – for guidance, for patience, for strength and just for those crazy days in between.

It is difficult and tiring but we all agree, we will not trade these days for anything else.

We want all the best for our kids and we want them to grow up as loving individuals.

We should, therefore, make sure to plant the seeds well. This is one great mission all mothers -all parents and guardians- have.

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