I often hear people say “bless you” when someone sneezes.

I always wondered what people could possibly mean when they do this. Is it because they might get a cold? Or did it just become a habit to bless sneezes?

Blessing people out of habit may not be bad unless the meaning behind it is forgotten.

I once heard a priest say that saying “God bless you” to someone is similar to saying “I love you.” This is because to bless someone is to pray for them.

After hearing that, I became conscious in giving my “God bless yous” to others the same way it was awkward to say I love you randomly.

From time to time though, I find myself quietly praying for a blessing for random people I meet on the street. These are usually very young children I encounter in public transport, hardworking senior citizens, haggard looking blue collared workers – just people who looked like a prayer of blessing will help them get through the day.

I am not sure if my prayer worked for them. I am sure it will not help their immediate needs but hopefully it will send them someone who can encourage them or a circumstance that can give them hope. Or whatever it is that will remind them that God is with them all the time.

If a small but sincere prayer of blessing can do this, then wouldn’t it be nice if all of us can do it for others once in a while?

Whether or not there is a big noticeable change in others, what will we lose in giving others benediction? Nothing.

So why not try today?

And oh, God bless you too.

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