Fight on

In movies, soldiers seem braver when they are with someone or they are guided by a capable leader. Alone in a battlefield, even soldiers maybe are disheartened.

Sometimes it may feel that the God you have been raving about is gone.

I have heard about this before although I am not sure if I am in that stage of my spirituality or if it is just me slipping back again to my old habits.

It is so easy to just do the things you are so used to doing. It is easier to stop caring whether or not I am still being Christ-like. It is easier to live just like others do – not minding a God, not thinking of the life after here.

I was shook by a question I heard about my faith and I was not able to answer that question for him or for myself. Maybe it is that which caused this, shall we call “lukewarm(er) faith.”

Snapping out of it is hard because the lure of the other side seem easier. But a voice inside my head keeps on whisphering to do otherwise. It tells me that I am made of something else. I can snap of out this rut, I just need to want to.

Just now I realized, I had forgotten to pray. I am trying to overcome this very feebly and by myself. Prayer had always been my weapon, and I am sure it can help me again this time.

I love Jesus but I am weak. I am very susceptible to temptations. I am powerless without prayers.

Unlike Daniel from the bible, I easily surrendered my faith to the lions and did not ask for God’s help.

Thankfully, like God since day 1, He always comes to the rescue and gives all of us a chance.

This time, I’ll try to fight again. I’ll stand up, weapon ready because my God has not abandoned me. I strayed, but He came looking for me. I know in this life, all my battles, I will fight with Him by my side.

Today’s reflection talks about being faithful to God and trusting Him with everything. We give glory to Him by being faithful despite all the pressures of the world. Trust Him in everything for He is the true, living God.

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