woman at the window

How many times have we pointed a finger to someone else and not considered our own wrongs first?

As a student in a certain Catholic school, we were subscribed to a comic book that talks about Catholic Christian values.

One of the stories that struck me most was one of a woman who loves to clean her house. She also portrays an image of cleanliness and righteousness to her neighbors. However, for someone who has such reputation of good values, she thinks ill of others.

While cleaning her glass window, she thought her neighbor’s house is too dirty unlike hers. She also focused her attention to a young lady who was a wearing dirty dress.

The whole time, she never had one good thought for others until someone from her household came to talk to her.

He pointed out a stain on the other side of the glass window she is cleaning. He teased her for continuously wiping one side only and forgetting the other.

Flustered, she wiped the other side clean and saw that the other house and the girl’s dress were not really dirty after all.

The story ended there with her looking shocked and maybe embarassed.

After reading the story, I felt conscious of my own actions and tried not to be like that woman at the window.

Unfortunately, that was when I was younger. I forgot about it as I grew older and had more responsibilities, higher expectations and ambitions. I just remembered the story again now and realized that every once in a while, I was that woman at the window.

Doing the right thing is difficult and pointing fingers is easier. Still, we can always try to be more conscious of our actions and have a firmer resolve to act more like Jesus would and not to be that woman at the window.

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