knock knock

Everyday I bombard the heavens with prayer requests.

Most of the time it is about that one thing I have wanted for a long time already.

They say, “seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened.” I have been knocking everyday that I think my knuckles are bleeding.

Sometimes, I think of giving it up, maybe it is not meant to be. But the moment I do, I will receive some positive news. A new ray of light to keep me hoping it will soon come.

I do not know if what I am praying for will ever be granted or may be it is just not the time. Whatever it is, I want to believe that God is protecting me.

He alone knows of all the plans He has for us. He knows what will be good for us and loves us to want to protect us from ourselves and oir many desires.

I imagine Him telling me every morning “Yes, my child I know. Get some breakfast first.” Maybe most of the time with a twinkle on His eyes and a smile in His face – maybe sometimes more sternly.

Then, He will either say, “not yet, child, wait a little more.” Or maybe “this is not for you, I have something else in store.”

I would never really know which one. I guess, I will only understand things in time, as always. Still, I am thankful that His love is so great to want to protect me from myself.

I still bombard Him with prayers everytime but I try to always say “Your will be done.” For I know He only wills good things for me and my family


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