when everyone is an avenger

Have you ever wished for something very bad to happen to someone who did you or you loved one wrong?

Maybe you caught yourself scheming negative things to a rival or an ex. It can be silly wishful things or scary plans fit for a TV drama. Whatever it is, you probably see yourself the hero avenging for yourself or for someone else.

It’s payback time

It is understandable when people feel anger when mistreated or on a receiving end of a malicious act.

I felt the same way before, I wished someone very negative things. Things that I shudder remembering now. I was not even the direct recepient of her misdeeds but I felt so much anger toward her that I thought of those things.

Now, because I am removed from that situation, I can see how horrible I was. My thoughts and actions were as bad as her behavior – or even more so. It did not help anyone in the situation and it broke something in me as well.

Some may feel that what I am about to say is childish or crappy. That I can say this because I am never directly involved. To be clear, I do not want myself or my family to directly experience or feel any of those negative things and I am not inviting any.

So here goes, I think it makes sense to say that the best way to counter hate is by doing the opposite of it.

Yes, it is easier said than done.

Yes, it sounds like a crappy answercolorful-1191082_640 from someone walking on a rainbow or something.

But just think, when we go “an eye for an eye” with every little thing then the negativity will never end.

I know it will be hard to love or forgive someone who offended us. That’s okay, there is a certain process you have to get through to get to that, but refrain from getting even.

Oh yeah!

Instead, focus on healing and rebuilding yourself. The best comeback is not by hurting that person but by showing that person that you can stand back up. And when you are ready, forgive, even when there isn’t an apology.

As they say, be the bigger person. Be like Jesus. Everyone thought He was defeated when they buried Him only to be proven wrong on the third day.

When someone pushes you down, strive to rise again.


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