the un-social media life

Everything feels like a competition.

I think this is the effect of social media on me.

As a regular housewife from a family with very basic salary, I cannot compete with pictures of my peers on vacation, or their designer brands, new cars or houses.

I feel my self worth go down eveytime I see someone being promoted or having a work anniversarry.

Several times I caught myself feeling bad after scrolling through a social media platform. So for a time, I stopped browsing Facebook, deleted my instagram and twitter apps because I did not want to feel envious of others.

I had to always remind myself that the life we have now is our choice. I remind myself of our reasons and of the things I enjoy now because we chose this path. It may not be as glamorous for posting but I pray that this part in our family’s life will be a huge positive beam in our child’s life.

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. It is a resentful feeling of wanting to have what others have. I think it is deadly because wanting something too much can cause alot of stress to your body and invite a lot of negative energies.

It is ok to make others “achievements” as our #goals but it is another thing to feel resentment towards others who seem to have it better than you.

If you feel envy creeping, move away from the source. If it is social media, turn it off.

Stop comparing your life with others. We are all blessed one way or the other.

It may also help to write down the things you are thankful for and always remember them. Make it a habit to thank God each night before you go tk sleep. Try to name at least 1-3 specific things you are thankful for the day.

I believe a grateful heart makes us feel content. Contented people are less inclined to compare self with others. Less comparisons can create a happier more peaceful existence.


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