better off

How many times have we compared ourselves to others and think we are way better than them?

Better looking in terms of the clothing brands we wear and the personal style we have.

Better in social status as we ride away in our car or get in our houses.

Better because we are happily married or because we are still single.

Better educated and better decorated with honors, medals, certificates etc.

How many times have you said thank you to your God because at least you are not worse off, at least you are better than someone.

Better priviledges.

Better in terms of the country where we count ourselves to be a citizen of.

Better in religion and faith.

When we compare ourself, we use someone as our point of reference. Doing so can help us feel good (or sometimes feel bad) about ourselves. We are better off, we should be thankful.

What happens then if all those things you have are gone? What happens when you are no more better than the rest?

Gratitude towards God should not come out of comparison of our lives from others’. Gratitude should come from knowing that God has blessed us with everything we need because we are His children.


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