“not good enough”

Self-doubt and insecurities hold us back to become someone we are called to be.

Have you ever tried talking to someone who just seem to be too negative about her own abilities that it feels like maybe she really did not want help in the first place?

Maybe she is just fishing for compliments.

Or maybe she is that down. Maybe at the moment she feels like she is at the bottom of a very dark place and does not know where to go.

I did not want to be either but I still found myself doubting in my abilities.

I doubt my ability to teach because it has been years since I stepped in a classroom. But, deep in my heart, it is one of the very few things I know I am good at. Yet, my insecurities are slowly making me doubt it.

I doubt my ability to write because I do not always know what to write. I always have to struggle with myself to be brave enough to put words that can inspire and move people so that they may come and find Jesus.

I doubt my ability as a mom and a wife to lead my family to God because I do get irritated and angry from time to time. I do not have that much wisdom to guide my family.

These are all overwhelming, big jobs for the insecure me to fill. The enormity of it sometimes makes me freeze. I do not want to move so that if I fail then it is possible that I made the less impact. Yet I know failing my family and God is not a good option.

Thankfully, God being the gracious God that He is, reminds me – us – that He gave us all that we need to do what we are called to do.

I should not concern myself very much about measures made by man to see who is great and successful. Instead, I should learn to trust that I am put in this position because I have a mission. All I need to do is say “yes” everyday and God will provide the rest.

Let us remember that we are all called His children. He loves us very much. For Him, we are enough. Set those insecurities down, and trust His beautiful plan.


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