a dark cloudy day

There are days when we just feel gloomy, nothing seems to ever work out.

We all experience struggles and hardships in life and we deal with it in different ways.

There are those who talk about their problems to anyone who (un)fortunately stops by to listen. They go on and on until the listener realizes he knew everything about the other’s life in one go.

There are those who keep quiet but somehow others around them seem to feel the negative energy as if it surrounds that person and infests the area.

Of course, there is a handful of people who faces their problems head on. They acknowledge the problem and deal with it as much as possible.

IMG_5129And then, there are those who carry their problems quietly but still remain to be cheerful. It is as if they do not have a care in the world. The moment they are alone though, their problems engulf them.

The third group seem to have the healthiest way in handling problems. It would be great if all of us can be like them. It would be great for our workplace and our homes and it will save us from so much stress.

However you handle yourself in such situations, always remember that you are not alone. Try not to look at your problems like rocks blocking your way to a happy life. IMG_5130Think of it as rocks that you can use to pray and become closer to God.

Instead of kicking and pushing the rocks all by yourself, ask for God’s help. Remember that in every hardship we face, Jesus holds our hand to guide us. He carries us when it gets really tough, the same way He carried the cross for us to save us all.

Trust God and witness what beautiful things will come out of the rocks in front of you.


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