We all have that moment when we just do not want to fight anymore. We had enough struggling through the tide. We are simply resigned to our fate.

Yet is it similar to giving up?

Or is it more similar to letting go?

Personally, I feel giving up means you lost all hope. You find no reason to continue. You are not anymore motivated to do anything and maybe you are ready to move on. Giving up somehow sounds negative.

On the other hand, letting go may mean releasing control over someone or something you do not have control over in the first place. You are ready to let the tide take you wherever. It feels more carefree.

Giving up seems easier than letting go. Giving up feels like you do not care anymore. When you let go, you have not really lost the desire but you are just taking the back seat. Letting someone else drive your life.

Have you given up or let go?

Our fate as Christians is to let go and follow Jesus. We are asked to have faith in His plan for us and obey His will. To find our life’s purpose in loving and serving God and others.

Have you resigned your life to this higher purpose?

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