for whose glory

I was apprenhensive when I first received this “assignment.”

I kept on pushing back my start date and giving all sorts of reasons why I should not pursue it. I did not really apply for the job, I just kind of received a special favor.

See, I was asked to be God’s correspondent. I knew I was lacking in knowledge and skill so I did not have the courage to just go for it.

What if people find my skill awful?

What if I say something wrong?

But God said, he will help me, the same way He did before for a different task I thought I was also lacking. All I needed then was a ton of passion for the task and obedience to His will.

I think it is the same again today. I know I am not a preacher or a writer but I am a Christian and I love Jesus.

Pushing my insecurities away, I grabbed my laptop and typed away. Moved by His promise, I humbly write about my journey, my faith and my love for Jesus.

I still feel the insecurities coming back every now and then and I had to remind myself that God will provide what I lack. That this little blog is not for me but for God’s glory. If just one soul would stumble upon it and find God here, then it served its purpose.

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