Back in the day, when the first social media craze started, one of the main platforms was Friendster.

Unlike Facebook, Friendster encouraged users to display their personalities by decorating their pages with sparkling, glitterized designs. No matter how little computer language we know then, we vamped our pages like it’s no one’s business.

Yet the more popular and unique feature of this social media platform is that it allows your friends to write a testimonial about you on your wall. The more positive testimonies you get, the more popular you seem to be or at least it makes you feel good about yourself as a person.

There were people back then who can write a very long testimony for another friend. Some testimonies are touching, some funny and some feels like a promise of a friendship forever. I was not one of those friends. No matter how close I am with someone or how many common things we share I just can’t make myself write about it. I feel shy telling the world (of Friendster) about it.

All my life, I felt the same way about what I share especially if it is personal. A few months ago you would not be able to find any written piece from me that is personal, if ever you can stumble upon the scare articles I have online.

But all that changed when I was called to write about my faith. I mentioned it several times in different posts that this is my “assignment” and I am writing because I trust God will provide what I lack in knowledge and skill. By doing this, I allowed myself to be an instrument of God’s comfort.

By allowing myself to be vulnerable and open I am allowing God to speak to others who are going through the same experience as I am.

I also get the comfort, strength and inspiration from other writers. I see the work of God in them.

Sharing about God’s work in our lives truly encourages, inspires, comforts and gives others hope. Have courage to testify of God’s love for you and bless others who may hear/read of it.

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