Curtain Call

If the world is a big concert stage and God is the audience, what sound do we make as a people if all of us is at war?

An orchestra sounds best when they play in harmony. A play production gets a standing ovation when actors play their roles well with the other actors. There is no solo act that plays well without a band, a back up or a production team.

If our life on earth is a small act in a program, what role do you play and how do you contribute to the bigger stage? Will our performance here lead us happily to act 2?

Even if your life now is doing great, if it does not contribute to others then our purpose on earth is not achieved.

Every member of the cast and crew steps on the stage again for curtain call. When it is time to be called during the end of our lifetime, will we be able to bow proudly for our life’s work?


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