Growing faith

For me, faith is like a seed planted in our hearts.

On the right soil and with proper care, it can grow strong and healthy. It can withstand any strong wind that might sway it or rains that may drown it. It basks in the sun’s consistent warmth.

Like our faith, it helps if it is planted early or when you are the most ready to receive it. If it is planted in a resisting, disbelieving heart it will not grow at all.

Once planted, it should be cared for with God’s words, prayers and good company. If it grows well, it can hear only truth and knows any whispers of doubt. Trials will not make it waver but rather help it grow deep roots.

My faith is young and I know I sometimes waver. Like Peter, I follow Jesus and I try to walk on water but I falter when things get too hard.

When it seems impossible.

When it seems God did not hear my prayers.

Like Peter, I doubted. I get scared.

Yet Jesus was and is always there. As He was there to extend a hand to Peter, He is with me all the time.

Like before, He reminds us to have faith and not to doubt.

Like before and for forever, He will be with us.

Let us nurture our faith with His word and the knowledge of His never ending love for us.


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