judgment and justice

I was talking to friends last time over chat. It had been so long since we last talked with each other and I expected a really happy time with them as we usually do.

We became friends in college because we all like the same music, movies and food. I guess the last one is the main thing.

After college, we went on to different paths. I taught kids, Ms. M worked in a corporate environment and is now in a top position while Ms. V is finishing law school.

Our experiences have been very different but somehow our personalities mix well and it is just really fun to talk to them and reminisce.

It was interesting though that this last time, while trying to help our soon-to-be-lawyer friend, Ms. V, of a thesis topic, we ended up debating about the stance of our current government on criminals. Ms. M was all for the government’s hard stance on criminals. She want to rid our the society of drug addicts, rapists and even young offenders.

I guess, I understand where she is coming from. She has a young daughter who will one day be on the streets coming home from a school project, a date or a party. I have a daughter too and I want to be sure that our streets are safe.

Yet, I was against the killing of criminals, death penalty and the lowering of the age of criminals. I opposed the idea and I was vocal about it.

Honestly, I was surprised at myself. If we were talking last year, I would have wanted the same as my friend. If it was last year, I would not have directly and strongly opposed her opinions. I have always hated confrontations before and I did not want to be openly against anyone’s opinion either.

I recognize the change was not because of anything that I have done to improve my confidence. I was passionate about our topic and ready to fire my opinions because I have rekindled my faith and love for God and everything that He created – including the criminals.

If God can give all of us a chance to wake up everyday to make up for our mistakes, change our lives and better ourselves who are we to judge who do not have a chance to breath another second?

Unlike God, our judgment of other people can be clouded by emotions and perceptions so we should be very careful making them. Judgment and justice is not always the same.

God is full of mercy and grace, His judgment is justice to all. Remember, when Jesus died on the cross one of His last words was forgiveness to everyone. Who are we to choose who deserves our forgiveness? We are all sinners, still God loves us all. No ifs, no buts, no conditions.



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