why we pray

Prayer is a powerful thing.

To every person, prayers can mean different things.

It can be a badge of our faith – whether shiny or real. It can signal brotherhood, priveledge or a death sentence.

It can be a part of a ritual, an empty habit.

It is both a weapon against nightmares that wakes us at night and nightmares that keeps us awake.

It is a chant on our lips when we quiver in fear and when we are riddled with worries.

It works like a first aid during emergencies and calamities. We use it like pain relievers during trying times but in reality it should be more like a health supplement that strengthens our faith.

Prayer can bring miracles because God made it possible.

Prayer is a way to talk to God. Not just to ask for things you want but to really communicate to Him – to talk and to listen.

Jesus, through His death, made it possible for all of us to become closer to God. Pray, not only when you are with others of same faith. Pray not only when you are in need or in trouble. Pray not only for special intentions. Pray to become closer to God.


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