In our world today, we are pressured to show the best side of ourselves all the time.

We fill our eyes with images of a good life by staging perfect selfies to upload in our social media.

We try to show how fierce we are and never let our guard down so no one will belittle us.

It is socially expected of us to be presentable at all times. It is normal to want to have a good life. It is totally understandable to want others to respect you.

Or maybe we got it all wrong, may be it is not okay.

Maybe the social expectation is too much especially when paired with consumerism. We are presentable when we are clean and wearing appropriate clothes for the occassion. It does not say we need to wear the latest designer outfit.

It is normal to want a good life yes, but who sets the parameters on what is good? What kinds of material things do we want to fill our lives with? Are these really essential in making us feel happiness or is it creating the opposite?

As people, we do want to be respected. We want to belong and to be loved. Yet by being too protective of oneself almost to the point of selfishness will not give us any of those natural longings.

We may inspire others to feel awe about us when we show them our strength. But strength without weakness is too perfect, even heroes and legends have them. Our weakness makes us real, it makes us human. Yes, it might invite hurt but it also invites friendship and love of others.

It is through acknowledging our weaknesses that we learn how to be understanding of others. Our weaknesses allow for mistakes that help us grow to become more mature. It is through our weaknesses that God’s great work in our lives is best seen.



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