sharing peace

I am at peace with myself.


Thanks to the comfort brought by the knowledge that God is present in my life. He loves me and He is in control.

All of us had or will experience times in our lives when everything is just chaotic. There will always be periods of trial but afterwards we will somehow understand that it is all part of the process for us to mature.

After that turbulent time, we can come out feeling a renewed sense of who we are and what we are here for.

Now that I have peace in my heart, God is asking me to serve.

Service is a huge and serious word. A lot of people I know squirm at this word especially when paired with anything religious. I feel a little scared of it too. But service is not always a call to priesthood or to throw yourself in abject poverty (although it could be that too). Service in the simplest way can mean selflessly helping a family member, a classmate or co-worker, a neighbor or even a stranger. Help in whatever way you can, for anyone who needs it.

Personally, this will be a challenge because as I was growing older I have learned not to trust alot of people who asks for help on the streets or anyone around me. In my mind they are either part of a syndicate group or that they will abuse my kindness. This is the mindset I have to change. I have to always remember that where there is no love,  hate fills. Where their is hate, there is no life. But a life with love, has Jesus in it.

It is my turn to help others see Him, feel Him and know Him. It is my turn to share to others the peace I have in me that I found in Jesus.


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